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Sometimes the  (ugly) commercial Tripod banner overrules the head-banner. Sorry about that (O: A small price for a free homepage.

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All the FREE websets are exclusively designed by Kittekat design.
You are welcome to choose the one(s) you like best and use it on your own site. 
A link back to Kittekat design MUST be provided on the same page the graphics are on.
A matching button with "Kittekat design" is provided with almost every set for the return link. It SHOULD be linked to:

Graphics found at Kittekatdesign may not be placed in other archives, cd-collections or galleries.

All graphics are the property of Kittekat design.  Whether you download them for use on your site or not. You are *borrowing* them in return for a link back to this site.

The moment you download these graphics you agree with the rules as mentioned above.




To use the images: do not LINK to this homepage but save the creation to your hard-disk. Do this by right-clicking with your mouse on the design you want.

Font used on buttons: Andes / size 18


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