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Fantasyset: fairytails

How about colors...green, red, blue etc. (O:
Tulips, anemones



And the winner is... Ferrari-webset for boys. Added on 14-08-2002   NEW!! Added on 27-05-2002 

 New added 29-05-2002  New added on 14th of December 2002.

I want to be famous-webset. Girly with pearls   Alien-webset. This set has an animation of a UFO, a devider that moves and even the guestbook is an animation.

 Under the sea-webset. With animated mermaid and moving cursortrailer  The balletgirl on this webset is the Sesamestreet-version of Aukje, Kittekats youngest daughter. Watch her dance gracefully!

Girls deserve Pink-webset







All websets are exclusively drawn and designed by Kittekat design. The images of the fairy sets however were created with scans from a wallpaperborder.

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